We are a full-service software technology team, specializing in

Web & Mobile Development

ContractZero builds and boosts companies through

Front-end & back-end development, design & internet marketing


Front-end Development

With years of experience in Angular and other javascript frameworks, our developers build intuitive and performance-driven bussiness and consumer applications.

Back-end Development

As true experts in Laravel, our unique experience can help your applications be built faster, better while offering competitive pricing.

Mobile Development

Reach a wider audience by building applications for Android and iOS, through our stack we can help you get your product out faster.


Our designers understand business, software development and internet marketing, enabling them to provide you with the design you need.

Internet Marketing

Improve your conversion and traffic through our knowledge about traffic generation, visitor conversion and organic traffic.


Both scaling as well as maintaining an IT team can be hard, we know, as it is our expertise. Why not use ours?