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ContractZero is a data-driven blockchain service provider

Creating value through research data and technological knowledge.

What we do

Front-end Development

With years of experience in Angular and other javascript frameworks, our developers build intuitive and performance-driven bussiness and consumer applications.

Back-end Development

As true experts in Laravel, our unique experience can help your applications be built faster, better while offering competitive pricing.

Blockchain Development

We pride ourselves in an outstanding blockchain team, with experience on top cryptocurrencies, icos and government regulation.

Mobile Development

Reach a wider audience by building applications for Android and iOS, through our stack we can help you get your product out faster.

Advisory & Consulting

Let our cross-company technical knowledge supercharge your domain expertise to give your company and team an edge on the competition.

Market Intelligence

Through our software we have gathered tremendous amounts of information which we can apply to your existing system.

Developers' Portfolio


Skycoin describes itself as “The New Internet for the New World”, where its underlying SKY currency provides an integrated payments layer with 3-second confirmation times and no transaction costs. Besides the mobile wallets, we have developed native Android & iOS lite clients, allowing users to securely generate addresses and sign transactions, as well as manage and view their available funds.

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