A Disruptively New Approach To Software Development

The Iceberg Approach


Improve Your Results Through Innovation

Value-Added Ideas With Implementation

A small team of Business-Oriented Innovators serve as connector between your business and our Multi-Disciplinary Specialist Teams. They will identify what makes your company unique and how technology can supercharge these competencies, offering effectively Value-Added Technical Competence as a service to any size organization.

Realize your plans through our efficient process

Development with Disruptive Value

We allow our Specialist to excel at the tools they work with, so that you have a quality product, using the latest standards and practises, built at a speed that beats expectations:


Our Business-Oriented Innovators have advised dozens entities, including successful fintech start-ups, national government agencies and professors from leading universities. They are invited as conference speakers and have a strong background in business and technology.

Our Back-End Developers have worked on over 80 Laravel & NodeJS applications for web applications development, API development, serverless development and service integrations. Including for Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors and Peugeot.


Our Front-End Developers have worked on over 50 Angular, React and VueJS applications within a wide range of industries, including insurances, facility management, recruitment and financial products. Including for Fortune 500 companies such as Achmea and Opel.

Our Mobile Developers have worked on over 20 Android, iOS and Hybrid applications, using various complex technologies, including cryptography, advanced secure storage principles, video games and video editing. Including for Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors and Opel.